50th Anniversary of the Annual Appeal

 A Time for Reflection

The theme of the 2019 Appeal is “Our Faith. Our Hope. Our Mission.” and is much different from a one-time special collection. It is a pledge campaign where you can make a gift, today, payable over ten months that will help support the ministries and mission of all our faith communities of the Church of Washington. Please find the Annual Appeal brochure and Frequently Asked Questions on our information table for your review.

This year, you can support the Annual Appeal many different ways. Many of you may have received a mailing in January that you can respond to. You can also support the Appeal online at or text “Give” to (301) 231-1816. We will also be providing the opportunity to support the Appeal at Mass over the next couple of weekends.

As in every year, 100% of your contribution to the Annual Appeal will be designated to the ministries and programs supported by the Appeal.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration and generous response.

Christ gave his whole livelihood

Generous tithing (20%)
    God is never outdone
    Miracles, etc.
Poor widows (2)
    Humble, trusting
    God does amazing things through them
    Gave her own “livelihood”
   Poor, humble, trusting
   Gave his own livelihood for us
   Remember every Mass /  Eucharist

What You Do With Your Gifts Is Your Gift Back to God

Gift of public speaking
Give to God what belongs to God
Money – 10%
Time – hours, minutes of prayer service
God gets first sip
Gifts – use for good / glorify Him

Heart – in love with Him
choice instead of obligation

Life / Eucharist

Keep Up the Good Work

A well-worn $1 bill and a similarly distressed $20 bill arrived at a Federal Reserve Bank to be retired. As they moved along the conveyor belt to be burned, they struck up a conversation.

The $20 bill reminisced about its travels all over the country. “I’ve had a pretty good life,” the $20 proclaimed. “Why I’ve been to Las Vegas and Atlantic City, the finest restaurants in New York, performances on Broadway, and even a cruise to the Caribbean.”

“Wow!” said the $1 bill. “You’ve really had an exciting life!”

“So tell me,” says the$20, “where have you been throughout your lifetime?”

The $1 replies, “Oh, I’ve been to the Methodist church, the Baptist church, the Catholic church ….”

The t$20 bill interrupts, “What’s a church?”

This joke obviously does not apply to Assumption! We see plenty of $20 bills and checks. Thank you again for your generosity, and PLEASE KEEP IT UP.