Growing Faith

33rd Sunday
Scandals / sexual immorality
Use of talents / gifts / treasures
   Growing like 1st 2 servants?
   Or stagnant like 3rd servant?
Gift of faith
Thankful for treasures

We are all unique

Every one of God’s children is a unique creation with talents and gifts that are found in no one else. Each of us is asked to bring our special “twist” to life and to living the Gospel, leaving our impact on the world in a way that no one else can. Are we ever afraid to use our gifts or to be who we are? Fear can cripple us and prevent us from discovering the profound and creative ways in which we can become the person God meant us to be. We like our comfort zones and do not like to be stretched and challenged. Yet this is necessary if we are going to produce the fruit we are capable of producing and live the radical message of the Gospel. For serious Christians, the status quo has got to go!

What You Do With Your Gifts Is Your Gift Back to God

Gift of public speaking
Give to God what belongs to God
Money – 10%
Time – hours, minutes of prayer service
God gets first sip
Gifts – use for good / glorify Him

Heart – in love with Him
choice instead of obligation

Life / Eucharist

What belongs to God if the coin belongs to Ceasar?

If the coin belongs to Caesar, then give it to him. Paying taxes is often unpleasant, but requires little self-investment. We know that a portion of our income must go back to the government, but what then, exactly, belongs to God? God does not seek our financial resources. What belongs to God is something that we sometimes want to keep to ourselves or divide in different places. What belongs to God is our hearts. We owe everything to God, even our very being. Without God we are nothing. God patiently continues to tell the world: “I am the LORD and there is no other, there is no God besides me.” How do we unite the varied allegiances of our hearts into one under God?