Christ, reign in our hearts

Feast of Christ the King

Fun facts / kings
Dozens of kings —> saints
Richest person in history
King Mansa Musa
Bluetooth Blue

          Danish king

Christ the King v earthly kings
Different / heavenly

King of Truth
Knowledge is power
King of love, peace, healing, happiness, etc.

King of the Universe

    Power over death, all things

Reign in our hearts!

Recognizing God’s power

14th Sunday
    Warts and all
    Recognizing God’s power thru saints
    Neighbors and family members didn’t recognize God’s power
    Same with priests today
    “Rebellious house”
Recognizing God’s power through you

Go to Him who has power over all things

5th Sunday of Lent
    Resurrection of body and soul
Raising of Lazarus scene
     Faith in Christ in general
Faith in Christ
     Specific situations

Beauty of God

Imagine something beautiful
    Drop in the bucket —>  beauty of God
Qualities of God
    Power, might, kind, good, forgiving, etc
    How many do you know / can you list?
If relationship w God is size of mustard seed, it can grow
    He’s always offering Himself and His qualities