What can I do to accomplish the works of God?

What can I do to accomplish the works of God? This is a question every Christian must ask. Ultimately, we are asked to be the light of Christ for others. This calls us to be compassionate, forgiving, nonviolent, generous, concerned for the poor, and welcoming to strangers. These are often contrary to what the world values. We are asked to simplify our lives and become less self-focused so that others can share in God’s creation. We need help in order to fulfill this tall order. The Eucharist, the Body and Blood of Christ, which we celebrate today, is the way we are nourished so that we can fulfill this mission.

Don’t be afraid to cry out

2nd Sunday of Advent

Fools for Christ

Hard core
People liked hearing SJB
Focused / mission
One thing – God

What is your focus?
ADVENT – helps us to re-focus

    Our one thing is Christ
What stands out about you (for Jesus)?

We all have had a SJB
Are you him to others?

     Don’t be afraid to cry out!