When you know, you go

2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
    Wake-up call
Calling of Samuel + Apostles
     Prophet / speak truth
     About God + for God about life
     To his generation and future generations
     Spoke truth
     Church / state
     Called out evil of racism
     Called out evil of abortion
         “Black genocide” (Rev Jackson)
         1 out of 3 black babies aborted
         Almost 4x higher rate than white babies
         80% of PP clinics in minority neighborhoods
         MFL – Black lives matter from womb to tomb
Big call to be prophet
    Israel – Samuel
    USA – MLK
    Big moment for country / their call
    Big moment for many  / our call
We’re in temple / Presence of Lord
     Speak Lord…
     When you know, you go

Listen to Him

Feast of the Transfiguration

Luminous mysteries

Stay as apostles thru toughest test: Christ’s passion and death

Stay as disciples thru toughest test
Now? Unanswered prayers?
Still on team, playing in game, cuz of
your Transfiguration experience w Him


     Talk to him: intention at Holy Communion
     Listen to him: during Holy Communion
     “Listen to him”