Prayer is God’s suggestion box

3rd Sunday

Baseball / batting averages


Readings – God is batting 1.000!
All ninevites!
Abandoning evil ways
Abandoning livelihood, family
Abandonment leads to fulfillment

Put God first
Call to abandon anything in the way
He is eternal / fulfills
World isn’t eternal / doesn’t last / fulfill
Time of fulfillment!
Kingdom is at hand

What is God calling us to abandon
Prayer = God’s suggestion box for us

     Need to pray to know what He suggests how we repent
     Open our hearts and minds

When you know, you go

2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
    Wake-up call
Calling of Samuel + Apostles
     Prophet / speak truth
     About God + for God about life
     To his generation and future generations
     Spoke truth
     Church / state
     Called out evil of racism
     Called out evil of abortion
         “Black genocide” (Rev Jackson)
         1 out of 3 black babies aborted
         Almost 4x higher rate than white babies
         80% of PP clinics in minority neighborhoods
         MFL – Black lives matter from womb to tomb
Big call to be prophet
    Israel – Samuel
    USA – MLK
    Big moment for country / their call
    Big moment for many  / our call
We’re in temple / Presence of Lord
     Speak Lord…
     When you know, you go

Overjoyed by the Light of Christ

Feast of the Epiphany

New Year’s Eve party

Riches emptied out
Parish / PFOC / Those in need / Children
People’s praise of God + His Presence here
Christmas letter 

Assumption is star to many
Assumption = Bethlehem
1st reading (line by line almost)
History of Bethlehem + Assumption

Star stops over place where baby was
Parish is light to others —-> Christ
Are you? Others have epiphany thru u?
Like St Paul
From God’s revelation to him

        From him to others
        True about each of us?

Mary, Mother of God

     Having Mom with us
    Perfect daughter of the Father
    Perfect mother of the Son
    Perfect spouse of the Spirit
To Jesus through Mary

Get with the 21st century!

Digital Story of the Nativity
Get with the times!
Values of world
Holy Family: Law of the Lord

Still act of love to defend and teach law of the Lord, truth

    Saying no

Christ the center of THE Holy Family
And every holy family
His Peace = reconciliation & forgiveness
From Eucharist

The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

In my Christmas Day homily, I said that Christmas takes us back to who we are. The grace of the Incarnation and the Christmas season bring love, joy, and peace to the world. This is what we are about. But, specifically, the manger scene reminds us who we are, first and foremost. God sent His Son into the world to become a child so that we become His children. The Gospel for Christmas Day (Jn 1:1-18) proclaims this: “to those who did accept him he gave power to become children of God”.

There is a big emphasis in the world today on identity, and there is much confusion. We all need to be reminded that before anything else, our identity is children of God. Before we get into any labels or anything that we do, each of us is a son or daughter of our Father. The baby in the manger is adored and loved for WHO he is, and rightly so because he is the Son of God. But that scene is also a reminder that each one of us is a child loved by our heavenly Father. He loves for WHO we are. It’s like St. John Paul II used to say: “when we get to know Christ, we get to know ourselves”.

As we celebrate the Christmas event that leads us to become children of God, the Church emphasizes the theme of family with today’s feast. Below is a beautiful reflection on the Holy Family by Dr. Scott Hahn from Christ is born!

Fr Greg


Why did Jesus choose to become a baby born of a mother and father and to spend all but His last years living in an ordinary human family? In part, to reveal God’s plan to make all people live as one “holy family” in His Church (see 2 Corinthians 6:16-18). In the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, God reveals our true home. We’re to live as His children, “chosen ones, holy and beloved,” as the First Reading puts it.

The family advice we hear in today’s readings – for mothers, fathers and children – is all solid and practical. Happy homes are the fruit of our faithfulness to the Lord, we sing in today’s Psalm. But the Liturgy is inviting us to see more, to see how, through our family obligations and relationships, our families become heralds of the family of God that He wants to create on earth.

Jesus shows us this in today’s Gospel. His obedience to His earthly parents flows directly from His obedience to the will of His heavenly Father. Joseph and Mary aren’t identified by name, but three times are called “his parents” and are referred to separately as his “mother” and “father.” The emphasis is all on their “familial” ties to Jesus. But these ties are emphasized only so that Jesus, in the first words He speaks in Luke’s Gospel, can point us beyond that earthly relationship to the Fatherhood of God.

In what Jesus calls “My Father’s house,” every family finds its true meaning and purpose (see Ephesians 3:15). The Temple we read about in the Gospel today is God’s house, His dwelling (see Luke 19:46). But it’s also an image of the family of God, the Church (see Ephesians 2:19-22; Hebrews 3:3-6; 10:21).

In our families we’re to build up this household, this family, this living temple of God. Until He reveals His new dwelling among us, and says of every person: “I shall be his God and he will be My son” (see Revelation 21:3, 7).

Grace of Christmas

Christmas Day
Family giving
Grace of Christmas
    Who we are
    Love, joy, peace
    Power to become children of God
Word became flesh
    Grace-filled event
    Child / children
    Manger + Eucharist

Sinner or Saint?

SAA / 100 Confessions

“Saints believe they are sinners…sinners believe they are saints”

Examination of Conscience for seniors

      Seven deadly sins + virtues
Get straight with God
Don’t block the Holy Spirit
    Freedom, liberty

Prepare for the coming of the Lord in the Eucharist

Wake Up

1st Sunday of Advent
Dallas trip
“While I’m waiting”
    Waiting with Christ while we wait for Christ
    Be vigilant
    Advent is season of love
    Be in love with Christ!
Wake up!
     At Holy Communion

Christ the King: Undercover Boss

Prophecy / Ezekiel
    Exact with Mt 25
    600 years before!

Undercover boss
Jesus in disguise

    Reveals himself after fact
Serve the needy for real
Not to just get something out if it
     Mt 25 just one part of final exam / judgment
     Faith / Baptism / Eucharist / Confession