The Infallible Dogma of the Assumption

Homily given by Bishop Roy Campbell

Listen to Him

Feast of the Transfiguration

Luminous mysteries

Stay as apostles thru toughest test: Christ’s passion and death

Stay as disciples thru toughest test
Now? Unanswered prayers?
Still on team, playing in game, cuz of
your Transfiguration experience w Him


     Talk to him: intention at Holy Communion
     Listen to him: during Holy Communion
     “Listen to him”

Ask Something of Me and I Will Give It to You

Wishes / desires
    “Ask and you will receive”
    Psalm 37
    Eph 3:20
    1st reading (1 Kings)
One wish – what would it be?
    For what are you praying?
    Pray for good—-> receive abundant goodness
    Want or need
    Yes, not right now, something better in mind
        2nd reading FOR GOOD
God gives in abundance
     Person / treasure
     Merchant / pearl of great price
     CHRIST / life in Christ

Beauty of God

Imagine something beautiful
    Drop in the bucket —>  beauty of God
Qualities of God
    Power, might, kind, good, forgiving, etc
    How many do you know / can you list?
If relationship w God is size of mustard seed, it can grow
    He’s always offering Himself and His qualities

Growing & Sowing

Lady at bus stop

Growing and sowing

– all types of soil
– individual???

Bird seed swooped up
Fertile soil

Eucharist —> 100, 60, 30 fold

Rest and Re-creation

Rest for body and soulGod is big on rest
Genesis, Psalms
Yoke is easy, burden light —> Confession

                 Rest from guilt
I will give you rest
        Christ takes our burdens
                We are lighter
        And gives peace

                 We are renewed, refreshed, re-created

Sunday is day of rest

Spiritual But Not Religious

Young man / baptism
Are you a prophet?
    Christ 1st
    Speak the truth of God
    To your family
Family evangelization
“I’m spiritual but not religious”
     Not Christian
     Not from Christ
     Can’t get the Eucharist

Don’t Be Scared Beyond Belief

Street evangelization

“Do not be afraid”
To say what you believe
HUGE FEAR in society
Speak for Christ!

Do you fear others more than you fear God?
Spend more time worrying about what others think or what God thinks?

     Holy Communion
     Care more about what God thinks than what others think

Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ — Spiritual but Real

Fathers Day
Putting food on the table
    Father —> Son
    “As the Father sent me”
    “Feed on me”
Spiritual but real
The bread that I will give is my flesh for the life of the world

Love (the Name of) God and Your Neighbor

Trinity Sunday – “Love (the name of) God and neighbor”

Name of God
Abba / Father
Father, Son, Holy Spirit

Keep name holy
    Moses worshiped at name of God
Taking Lord’s name in vain?
Find new expressions
     Or turn into a prayer

Taking neighbor’s name in vain?

      Love God and love your neighbor
Consistent witness of devout Catholics