Christ the King: Undercover Boss

Prophecy / Ezekiel
    Exact with Mt 25
    600 years before!

Undercover boss
Jesus in disguise

    Reveals himself after fact
Serve the needy for real
Not to just get something out if it
     Mt 25 just one part of final exam / judgment
     Faith / Baptism / Eucharist / Confession

Growing Faith

33rd Sunday
Scandals / sexual immorality
Use of talents / gifts / treasures
   Growing like 1st 2 servants?
   Or stagnant like 3rd servant?
Gift of faith
Thankful for treasures

Always be ready to go cuz you never kno

32nd Sunday

St Martin de Porres
Description – see as God sees
From HS, relationship w God
Know if something is of God or not

Masculine / feminine
God is groom, wisdom bride
From all eternity

Wisdom thru suffering
No regrets!

Wise virgins
On watch and no oil?

Wisdom is living heaven in earth
And being always ready for heaven groom

     State of grace!

Mission to Help the Church in Nigeria

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

By Fr Chris, a priest from Nigeria
For the mission to help the Church in Nigeria

What You Do With Your Gifts Is Your Gift Back to God

Gift of public speaking
Give to God what belongs to God
Money – 10%
Time – hours, minutes of prayer service
God gets first sip
Gifts – use for good / glorify Him

Heart – in love with Him
choice instead of obligation

Life / Eucharist

Mass is a Banquet and Sacrifice

27th Sunday 

New Scripture verse on wall
    John 6:51
    Really his flesh and blood! ttp://
    Family evangelization

    Eucharist / Mass

    Prophesied by Isaiah

    Always ready / Las Vegas

Choice vines, cherished plants

“Wild grapes”
And tenants – doing it “my way”Vineyard -people of God
Us – choicest vines, cherished plants
Grapes – fruits of our lives
Why wild grapes? Exposed to elements
Storms, animals, birds whatever
Can change soil + vine
Change us – do it our way, not God’s way
Inheritance – kingdom of heaven
If produce fruit on vineyard of this life, then receive inheritance of eternal life
Unless try to take over vineyard / play God
Is my life producing good fruit?”Choicest vine”  – Christ
      Wine press – sacraments
Grace extracted
Jn 15

Revival Time = Conversion Time

Good news not bad
Athletes in lieu of protests
Good (unity) out of bad (comments)
Couple / our church

Turn from bad to good
Vice to virtue
Sin to grace

     One habit, big or small
     One confession
 God = good
     God’s will = good
     We are created to be good
     Rejoice in doing good, doing God’s Will

Confession at Revival

Always forgive…no excuses!

24th Sunday

All around us
Hateful? Righteous anger?
Based in pride

Forgive seventy seven times

    = always forgive
    No excuses!
Forgive and be forgiven
OR be forgiven and forgive
Forgiven by God, forgive others, forgive yourself

Be Transformed

22nd Sunday

Why do Catholics do that?

Don’t conform = don’t think as humans do
“Wake up!”

Be Transformed = think as God does
Cross / redemptive suffering