God will provide

15th Sunday
Street evangelization
Parish / PFOC
You / month

Marriage / weddings
2nd reading
God’s call / plan

Power of God

Mass / eternal
St Bede

Recognizing God’s power

14th Sunday
    Warts and all
    Recognizing God’s power thru saints
    Neighbors and family members didn’t recognize God’s power
    Same with priests today
    “Rebellious house”
Recognizing God’s power through you

Don’t be afraid, just have faith

13th Sunday
God wants to heal us
   Wisdom 1
Woman / garment
   12 years of faith —> “Your faith has saved you”
Have faith
   “Don’t be afraid, just have faith”

On the line of eternity, you are babies

10th Sunday

Joy / sadness
Life / death
Soul / body

Spirit / flesh
My will / Thy Will

Image of self v. image of Father

Daily bread —-> Thy Will Be Done

Holy Communion: You have God within you!

Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ

Liturgy here

Holy Communion
Body and Blood of Christ / Scripture

  Faith in Real Presence
Capital One Arena JOY
Us after every Mass

Defend the faith in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

Feast of Holy Trinity

Caps / Wilson
In the name of the Caps

Church, people
In the name of Father, Son, Holy Spirit
Identity / dignity stripped
Fight with others

Life w Trinity started at Baptism
Life itself / Grace
Fight for it in ourselves

God in communion

With the Holy Spirit, we’re ready

Pentecost Sunday
“You cannot bear it now”
Holy Spirit
Language of love, peace, etc.
   Reaction when spoken
Life in Spirit v. life in the flesh
1. Mission
2. Heaven
3. Eucharist

Hope remains, glory awaits


Mothers – help us reach our goals
  They descend so that we will ascend
   Mom – sacrifices

   Mary – vision of hell
   Church – united with Christ
        Sacraments, mission, every day
Hope remains, glory awaits

Love one another as I love you

6th Sunday of Easter


Existence of God


Know God’s Love thru Christ
Father >Son > Us > Others
Supernatural / sacrificial love
I have called you
Mission / love

May / month of Mary
Greatest example of disciples love

Life on the vine

5th Sunday of Easter
French hero
Lt Col Arnaud Beltrame

Fruit on the vine
Through pruning
1.  Barren branches? Fruitless

2. Fruitful branches? Pruned
St.  Maximilian Kolbe
3. Off the vine?

Fruit of the vine / Eucharist
Most fruitful life