Have high expectations for God

3rd Sunday of Advent

UM student

“Filled with expectation”

     God always exceeds expectations
Do you have high expectations for God?
     This week?
     This Mass?

Prepare the way of the Lord

2nd Sunday of Advent

Time travel

1.  500 BC
Isaiah passage

2.  30 AD
St John the Baptist
Messenger has arrived!
Preaching repentance
Forgiveness of sins

3.  Advent 2018 AD
Confession before Christmas
Valleys filled
Mountains lowered

See the salvation of God!
      “Blessed are the eyes that see what you see”

Be vigilant at all times

1st Sunday of Advent

Fr. Ivany / vigilant with healthy foods

Be vigilant
    Faith / 5 things
    Other areas
Be vigilant on all Sundays
    If we skip Sunday Mass, we will lose our soul

Be vigilant at all times with one particular practice

Keep watch with Christ and for Christ

Christ, reign in our hearts

Feast of Christ the King

Fun facts / kings
Dozens of kings —> saints
Richest person in history
King Mansa Musa
Bluetooth Blue

          Danish king

Christ the King v earthly kings
Different / heavenly

King of Truth
Knowledge is power
King of love, peace, healing, happiness, etc.

King of the Universe

    Power over death, all things

Reign in our hearts!

“Judgement Prep School”

33rd Sunday (Children’s Mass) – “Judgement Prep school”
Thanksgiving Day
Ten Commandments / Confession
Second Coming / Judgement
Mass / “Thank you, Jesus”

Christ gave his whole livelihood

Generous tithing (20%)
    God is never outdone
    Miracles, etc.
Poor widows (2)
    Humble, trusting
    God does amazing things through them
    Gave her own “livelihood”
   Poor, humble, trusting
   Gave his own livelihood for us
   Remember every Mass /  Eucharist

Love what God loves

      Church / state
      Laws of God / laws of man
Importance of laws, rules
    Courtroom, football e.g.
    Truth, right v wrong
    Rules / “golden rule”
    Fear the Lord: love what God loves (law)
           Wis 6: love means keeping God’s laws
Love the Lord and neighbor

Name it and claim it so He can tame it

Last Sunday

Shout with joy
What God has done

    Salvation / Eucharist

Spiritual diseases

     7 deadly sins

Call out to Jesus

      “What do you wish me to do for you?”
Name it, claim it so He can tame it

Mass is more valuable than cash

28th Sunday
$1k cash
1st reading
   Some things more valuable, more important, more beautiful than money
   Things of God
   Treasure in heaven
God is most valuable
   Gospel / young man
   Going to next level
Wisdom of God

What is your ‘Achilles heel’ in the Christian life?

26th Sunday


What is your Achilles heel in the Christian life?
Foot – occasions of sin, scandal

    Hand + eye – masturbation + pornography
Mouth – cursing, gossip
Grace of regular Confession + Eucharist
    Weakness —> strength
    Vice —>  Virtue
Sinner —> Saint