Christ Accompanies You

3rd Sunday Lent

Amoris Laetitia
Marriages, families

Woman at well
LOVE, compassion, understanding, challenge, guidance
Irregular relationships
Baal husbands
Real husband / Messiah/ consecrated

Encounter with Him who accompanies you

“God Is So Devoted to You”

2nd Sunday Lent

God has been so good to us

Devotion / sacrifice / love
Adoration eg

Sacrifice / devotion
Bringing something important to God for him to make holy
Even though some (all) had to be destroyed
Offered to God who is first
Sacrifice means praise, worship, love

Abraham / Isaac
So devoted to God

God / Jesus
So devoted to you

You / God
Rom 12:1 “I urge you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God, your spiritual worship.”

Tempted from the Start

1st Sunday of Lent
“Freedom is never given. It is won”.
Always a battle for freedom in Christian life
    Christ in battle “at once”
    First voice in morning – “five more minutes”
    Temptation right away for first man
    Fight always
    Confidence in God
    Life in Christ far better than what Satan offers

God Will Cure You

6th Sunday

Checklist for God’s pity / mercy

Leper came to Jesus
Out from seclusion / excommunication
Leprosy contagious: Unclean!

Kneeling down

Begged him
Confidence – Jesus will make him clean
Confession – unclean

Jesus moved with pity
If confess, God will be moved with pity
If confident, He will cure
Sin, disease, etc
Healing in confession, Eucharist, etc

Why are you smiling so much?

5th Sunday
30 for 30

Testimonies / Pastor’s page
RCIA man / smiling

        Jesus not too busy to pray
In HIs Presence
     Gospel / He entered the house
     Everyone gathered at the door
     Major healing
Entering His house (Adoration) + He enters our house (Holy Communion)

Prayer is God’s suggestion box

3rd Sunday

Baseball / batting averages


Readings – God is batting 1.000!
All ninevites!
Abandoning evil ways
Abandoning livelihood, family
Abandonment leads to fulfillment

Put God first
Call to abandon anything in the way
He is eternal / fulfills
World isn’t eternal / doesn’t last / fulfill
Time of fulfillment!
Kingdom is at hand

What is God calling us to abandon
Prayer = God’s suggestion box for us

     Need to pray to know what He suggests how we repent
     Open our hearts and minds

When you know, you go

2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
    Wake-up call
Calling of Samuel + Apostles
     Prophet / speak truth
     About God + for God about life
     To his generation and future generations
     Spoke truth
     Church / state
     Called out evil of racism
     Called out evil of abortion
         “Black genocide” (Rev Jackson)
         1 out of 3 black babies aborted
         Almost 4x higher rate than white babies
         80% of PP clinics in minority neighborhoods
         MFL – Black lives matter from womb to tomb
Big call to be prophet
    Israel – Samuel
    USA – MLK
    Big moment for country / their call
    Big moment for many  / our call
We’re in temple / Presence of Lord
     Speak Lord…
     When you know, you go

Overjoyed by the Light of Christ

Feast of the Epiphany

New Year’s Eve party

Riches emptied out
Parish / PFOC / Those in need / Children
People’s praise of God + His Presence here
Christmas letter 

Assumption is star to many
Assumption = Bethlehem
1st reading (line by line almost)
History of Bethlehem + Assumption

Star stops over place where baby was
Parish is light to others —-> Christ
Are you? Others have epiphany thru u?
Like St Paul
From God’s revelation to him

        From him to others
        True about each of us?

Mary, Mother of God

     Having Mom with us
    Perfect daughter of the Father
    Perfect mother of the Son
    Perfect spouse of the Spirit
To Jesus through Mary