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Overjoyed at Seeing the Light

Feast of the Epiphany – “Overjoyed at seeing the light” College student Like Magi, saw the light Magi / VIPs Gave homage to King     Overjoyed! Gifts Gold – for King Frankincense – offering Myrrh – burial Went home “by another way” Once we see the light, we are changed and go a different way (Christ) […]

A New Year’s Epiphany

Here are excerpts from an excellent, Biblical reflection on the event of the Epiphany from catholicmom.com. Enjoy! Up until now, all has been quite humble.  A donkey-ride to a dusty town south of Jerusalem.  Hotel rooms all booked up.  Giving birth in a stable and laying the baby in an animal’s feed trough instead of […]

Christ is Born!

The following is taken from the Office of Readings (Liturgy of the Hours) for the Feast of the Holy Family: From an address by Blessed Paul VI, pope (Nazareth, January 5, 1964) Nazareth, a model “Nazareth is a kind of school where we may begin to discover what Christ’s life was like and even to […]

Feast of the Holy Family

Feast of the Holy family – “The love of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph” Former life Love of holy family God Each other Righteousness Love in our families God Each other Righteousness Christ – center of family life / love http://media.blubrry.com/assumptiondc/p/content.blubrry.com/assumptiondc/Homily_12.27.15.MP3Podcast: Play in new window | Download

God Favors the Humble

4th Sunday advent – “God favors the humble” Holy Land / Bethlehem God likes little guy David (v Goliath) Gideon? (Army reduced) Church – 12 apostles Church new Gideon?? James 4:6 – God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble “There is no room for God in him who is full of himself” – […]

Humility, Poverty and Trusting in God

Pope Francis’ preparation for Christmas: humility, poverty, and trust. [From zenit.org. December 15, 2015] The Church, Pope Francis says, must be three things: humble, poor and trusting in the Lord. The Pontiff stressed this during his daily morning Mass at his residence Casa Santa Marta, reported Vatican Radio, noting that the Church’s mission is in […]

Rejoice in the Lord

Every third Sunday of Advent, the Church rejoices. This is known as “Gaudete Sunday”, which uses the Latin word for “rejoicing”. But, we’re still in the season of Advent, a penitential season. We are still in preparation for the coming of the Lord. In this way, the Lord is not here. Why are we rejoicing? […]

Rejoice in the Peace of Christ

3rd Sunday Advent – “Rejoice in the peace of Christ” Healings Gaudete / rejoice! Every Sunday here What should we do? 2nd Reading Rejoice  / 1st reading Make requests known to God Peace Peace Shalom – to be complete or whole Wishing all good things Post-confession! Post-healing http://media.blubrry.com/assumptiondc/p/content.blubrry.com/assumptiondc/Homily_12.13.15.MP3Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Make Straight Your Room

2nd Sunday in Advent CCD kids / Jesus coming over St John Baptist – Jesus is coming! Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight your room Glory of his visit / presence Preparation through purification Conversion! Make straight your paths / souls / hearts Change ways, habits Leveling mountains (pride) Confess! Wednesdays, 6-7 pm Humility Examination […]

Please God This Advent

1st Sunday advent “Please God this Advent” Advent – “coming to” 2nd coming 1st coming Be vigilant “Conduct yourselves to please God” Pray Love Holiness ‘Please, God’ Please God during Mass      Fully engage and participate http://media.blubrry.com/assumptiondc/p/content.blubrry.com/assumptiondc/Homily_11.29.15.MP3Podcast: Play in new window | Download