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Tempted from the Start

1st Sunday of Lent “Freedom is never given. It is won”. Always a battle for freedom in Christian life     Christ in battle “at once”     First voice in morning – “five more minutes”     Temptation right away for first man Repent     Fight always     Confidence in God     Life in Christ far better than what Satan […]

The Call to Action for Lent

Prayer | Fasting | Almsgiving Prayer: Throughout Scripture, Jesus goes to pray in deserted place. Lent is our “deserted place.” We draw near to God through Mass, confession, and spiritual practices like the Stations of the Cross, but we are also invited to spend time in prayer alone with the Father like Jesus did. Fasting: […]

A Message from Jesus

Repent and believe in the gospel! This is the message that is found on Jesus’ lips after forty days in the desert. As the forty days of Lent come before us, we are asked to create a desert experience in our lives so that we can learn anew the ways of God. Our daily cares […]

The Beginning of Lent

Happy Lent!? It’s hard to believe that Lent is upon us already, but it’s good to get going with it, in my opinion. As you read the words of Msgr Thomas Wells below, you might think that he wouldn’t say the same. But, he did see this as a holy season even if he didn’t […]

God Will Cure You

6th Sunday Checklist for God’s pity / mercy Leper came to Jesus Out from seclusion / excommunication Leprosy contagious: Unclean! Kneeling down Worship Respect Humility Begged him Confidence – Jesus will make him clean Confession – unclean Jesus moved with pity If confess, God will be moved with pity If confident, He will cure Sin, […]

God never abandons us

When we suffer, we can easily find ourselves thinking that we have been abandoned by God or have done something to displease him and are now paying the price. Suffering is not God’s fault. The reality of suffering and death is much more complicated than this and even somewhat mysterious. When Jesus preached the Gospel, […]

30 for 30 — Adoration

“Could you not keep watch with me for one hour?” -Mt 26:40 ESPN has a series of sports movies that it calls “30 for 30”. Starting February 21, we will begin our own 30 for 30. On that day, we will extend Eucharistic Adoration in the church to 9 am – 5 pm and continue […]

Why are you smiling so much?

5th Sunday 30 for 30 Adoration Testimonies / Pastor’s page RCIA man / smiling FG Job         Jesus not too busy to pray In HIs Presence      Gospel / He entered the house      Everyone gathered at the door      Major healing Entering His house (Adoration) + He enters our house (Holy Communion) http://media.blubrry.com/assumptiondc/p/content.blubrry.com/assumptiondc/Homily_5th_Sunday_2018.MP3Podcast: Play in […]

God is calling us

Sometimes it is difficult to hear God’s call. We are trained to listen attentively and to hear many things, but spiritual ones are often missed. God is calling us all of the time. He is calling us to drink deeply of the well of life and not get distracted by the superficial and short-lasting things […]

Planned Giving to Your Parish

Our Parish has many different missions within the community which include assisting the frail, elderly, sick or who are just in need of help. Our Parish supports schools, our seniors, our families, the marginalized and the poor. There are many people who are assisted by our Parish who would not otherwise receive any help. You […]