Examination of Conscience Rubric

Have I practiced the virtue of Chastity? For example: • Have I permitted myself to watch movies or daytime television shows which are not edifying, which depict sexual scenarios or which advocate for cohabitation or homosexual relationships?

Have I practiced the virtue of Temperance? For example: • Have I indulged my love of sweets or snack foods, to the detriment of my health? • Have I continued to smoke heavily, or to consume alcoholic beverages excessively? • Have I been immoderate in any activity, such as watching too much TV?

Have I practiced the virtue of Charity? For example: • Have I been a “busybody,” unkind to a neighbor either by my thoughts or by my actions? • Have I had a smile for a family member or loved one, or was I critical, hurting someone’s feelings?

Have I practiced the virtue of Diligence? For example: • Have I used my physical limitations as an excuse for laziness? • Have I neglected prayer, ignored my friend’s birthday, sat around the house when I might have helped with the dishes? • Have I exercised my responsibility to become familiar with the issues, and to vote (by absentee ballot, if necessary) for the candidates who will best protect the values I hold dear?

Have I practiced the virtue of Patience? For example: • Was I unkind (or downright rude) to a telephone caller, impatient with a visitor, crabby when things didn’t go just the way I wanted? • Did I complain if someone took me to a restaurant or public place, because we had to wait for service? • Did I criticize my doctor, my caretaker, my child, for not serving me better?

Have I practiced the virtue of Kindness? For example: • Was I jealous of the attention paid to someone else, wanting everyone to notice me instead? • Did I feel angry because someone else had more money, or better health, or because my grown children did not have enough time to spend with me? • Did I compliment someone who looked good, or did I only have harsh words to say?

Have I practiced the virtue of Humility? For example: • Did I accept a compliment graciously but then move on, refusing to keep the attention turned toward myself? • Was I willing to let someone else be the center of attention? • Did I feel grateful for the kindness of my family and others, and appreciative of my caregiver’s efforts? • Did I believe that I had no need of confession, because I never even leave the house?

Lord, help us to recognize the times that we have failed to live a virtuous life—and grant us the grace of true contrition and a resolve to do Your will. Amen.