Let’s get back to religion that is pure and undefiled

Good news!

Religion that is pure and undefiled
     Get back to roots / Christ
     Discuss / get through together
     Clean house / purification / tough but good
     Withhold $ / assessment
Reflection on priesthood:
  • If the priest is a saint, his people will be holy.
  • If the priest is holy, his people will be good.
  • If the priest is good, his people will be fair.
  • If the priest is fair, his people will be lukewarm.
  • If the priest is lukewarm, his people will be bad.
  • If the priest is bad, his people will go to hell.


    Inherent / intrinsic evil of unchastity etc
         76% of PA report = homosexual acts of priests
    Sex outside marriage
2nd / 1st readings
     Laws / teachings are just
     God is so close (Eucharist)