The Second Father’s Day

From Mother’s Day and Father’s Day to Administrative Professionals’ Day and Grandparent’s Day, there are many days throughout the year designated to recognize and honor special people in our lives. Did you know that in some Catholic Churches throughout the country they celebrate Father’s Day twice a year? In addition to the well-known Father’s Day held the third Sunday in June each year when children honor their dads the last Sunday in October is set aside to thank our spiritual fathers—priests.

Pope Francis outlined the 7 pillars of Priesthood as:

  • The strength of a priest depends on his relationship with Christ.
  • Just as he must be close to Christ, so the priest must be close to the people he serves.
  • A priest’s authority must be linked to service, especially to the care and protection of the poorest, weakest, the least important and most easily forgotten.
  • The priest must be a minister of mercy.
  • The priest is called to simplicity of life.
  • The priest must be a model of integrity.
  • The priest is to be a source of blessing for his people.