Church Restoration Projects 2017

This year I would like us to proceed with some projects in our church to provide needed repairs and to further the beauty and sanctity of our sanctuary. Below are the projects that I have recently proposed to the Parish Council. God has provided donors outside of the parish to fund these projects. The Council overwhelmingly approved all of them.

One project that I was pursuing that is not listed is a new bathroom in the church. Numerous concerns arose in talking with the Council as well as the Archdiocese. Unless something happens soon to appease these concerns (and to raise the money for it), the bathroom project will be put on hold indefinitely.

You are invited to attend the next Parish Council meeting this Saturday, June 10, at 10 am in the rectory. You are welcome to listen and give input, but voting is reserved to the Council members.

While we have commitments from donors for these projects, you are very much welcome to participate through giving! As with any construction project, there will be additional costs not foreseen once we begin. Your contributions will help cover those. Additionally, we might want to pursue the purchase of new cushions in the church and a new outside door to the parish hall. We might be able to include those with the generous contributions of parishioners and donors.

If you are unable to attend the Parish Council meeting, please contact me with your questions, concerns, and comments.

In Christ,

Fr Greg

Church Restoration Projects 2017

Estimated Cost

1. Repair water damage on rear wall of sanctuary and “tuckpoint” damaged areas of chimney $ 12, 380

2. Painting of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary to cover entire rear wall of sanctuary $ 24, 910

3. Waterproofing and sealing of rear wall for mural $ 8, 710

4. Handicap ramp from alley to parish hall $ 11, 350

5. Scripture verse (Jn 6:51) on main arch of sanctuary $ 2, 412

6. Two new lights in sanctuary + four new ceiling fans $ 3, 765

7. Colorizing garments on Mary and Joseph statues $ 954

8. New frames for Stations of the Cross $ 2, 500 (est.)

Total $ 66, 981