Share With Francis

Last week, we had a fruitful and stimulating conversation at our Young Adult Bible study. It is part of a worldwide conversation that the Church is beginning to have with Catholic youth and young adults in preparation for next year’s Synod which is explained below (from This conversation was called a ―Listening Session, and our group was able to discuss all of the five-bolded questions below as well as a few others. Our YAs indicated that our parish is helping them to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and that the Bible Study is assisting them in staying involved in their Catholic faith. They revealed that young adults want the Church to bring God, faith, and the things of Heaven down to earth in a way to which they can relate. Also, they and their friends want the Church to catechize! They want the faith to be explained, especially when it comes to what happens at Mass. You should be happy to know that they said that Assumption is giving them what they want in all these regards!

May you know the peace of the risen Christ,

Fr Greg

Pope Francis has called a gathering of bishops across the world (called a Synod) in October 2018 on the topic of Young People, the Faith, and Vocational Discernment, to discuss how the Catholic Church can better support young people in living their faith and discerning their mission in life.

To help Pope Francis and the Bishops prepare for this Synod they are asking both Catholics and non-Catholics across the world to share their experience.

Not only will this Listening Session help Pope Francis prepare for the Synod, it will also help our local Catholic Archdiocese of Washington discern how we can better support young people on their journey of faith.

There is an online submission form for those who were not able to make it today. Pope Francis wants to hear from not only Catholics but also non-Catholics as well. We ask that you share the online link with your friends who live in the DC and Maryland and ask them to share their experience with Pope Francis. The website is

  1. What are a few of the biggest life-challenges (youth/young adults) in your area are currently facing?
  2. What are some of the positive things that (youth/young adults) can offer the Church or society today?
  3. Do you think that most Catholic (youth/young adults) have a strong personal relationship with Jesus Christ? Why or why not?
  4. How can our (parish/school/community) help (youth/young adults) to grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ? What would help?
  5. What are some of the Catholic gatherings you have attended that have been significant in your spiritual life? Why?
  6. (Young Adults) What would help more young adults grow and stay involved in their Catholic faith? OR (Youth) What would help more youth/teenagers grow and stay involved in their Catholic faith after Confirmation?
  7. Why do you think some (youth/young adults) drift away from the Church?
  8. What do (youth/young adults) want from the Church?
  9. Do you feel that the Church is good at listening to (youth/young adults)? Why or why not?
  10. Do you think that your parish relates well to (youth/young adults)? Yes, how? OR No, what would help?
  11. Does your parish engage and invite (youth/young adults) who aren’t involved in the Church? Yes, how? OR No, how could they start?
  12. What can our (parish/school/community) do to assist young people in discerning major life decisions (moral decision, job, college choice, marriage, priesthood, etc.)?
  13. If you could share with Pope Francis one thing what would it be?