A season of preparation

Happy Advent! Here is an article from Our Sunday Visitor to help us enter into Advent and prepare for the coming of Christ. It is a reflection on Advent.

May you know the peace of Christ,

Fr Greg

Advent means “coming” and, simply put, Advent is the season when we prepare for the coming of Christ at Christmas.

You learn an awful lot about our faith when you teach religion to children. I recall two incidents that happened to me when I was a parish priest where kids taught me something about Advent.

The first incident happened when I was visiting a class of fourth graders during the Season of Advent. I asked them, “Can any of you help me understand Advent better?”

A little girl, named Judy, raised her hand and said, “Well, Father, sure. At this time of the year, in the weeks before Christmas, I always see my mom and dad cleaning and decorating the house, cooking and baking good stuff, all to get ready for the company that’s going to come visit us at Christmastime.”

“So Advent,” Judy went on, “is the time when we get our hearts ready for the greatest Christmas gift of all — namely, Jesus.”

Now I don’t think that’s a bad definition at all of Advent, do you?

The second incident happened when I was teaching grade school at the parishes where I was assigned at the time. One day, I was telling them — sixth graders this time — about Advent as the time that we prepare for the coming of Christ at Christmas. “But, Father Tim,” a young fellow said, “Jesus already came that first Christmas, in Bethlehem, in the stable. So how can we get ready for His coming now? He already came!”

-Cardinal Timothy Dolan